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Pistol Customization

We stock a wide variety of parts kits, from completion packages for a wide variety of common pistol types to competition ready upgraded setups, and everything in between. Custom is our middle name, so feel free to contact us with requests for one-offs and modifications.

We also carry surplus frames in some varieties, and a variety of interesting or unusual completed pistols and revolvers.

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Reliable Small-bore Rifles

As anyone who's done much shooting with a .22 knows, .22 selfloaders are among the least reliable firearms still in production, are known to be finicky about ammunition, and inconsistently accurate at best. We can help. With years of experience running and supporting .22 rifles in the most demanding conditions, we can help you turn a box stock jammomatic into a reliable, accurate, and handy tack-driver.

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Custom Gunsmithing

Looking for a little black rifle, but not quite sure what you need? The Armalite-15 family of rifles has become the do everything rifle of America - suited to everythinfrom competition, hunting, and plinking to defense. For many shooters, however, the dizzying array of options makes getting the right rifle a challenge. We can help - whether you have a clear idea of what you want and just need some help modifying your rifle, or are brand new to the little black rifle, contact us and we will make your dream come true.

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